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The Future of Egypt Will Be determined by the Egyptian People Through Referendum

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The Future of Egypt Will Be determined by the Egyptian People Through Referendum voinews id


Egypt is at the crossroads to become a democratic country through elections or a country that perpetuates the power of the President. We can point out this assumption in connection with the referendum initiative that can extend the term of Abdel Fattah el Sisi until 2030. Egyptian President Al Sisi, who took office as head of state and the Egyptian government starting in 2014, has succeeded with his political efforts to create a referendum. On Saturday 20 April, the Egyptians will vote in a referendum whose results will determine changes or constitutional amendments, which mainly determine the term of office of the President of Egypt.

The opposition political parties of the government have made a move to cancel the referendum which will begin on Saturday 20 April for three days.
Through a movement called ‘the Civil Democracy Movement’, the opposition group consisting of Liberal parties and leftist parties at a press conference condemned the amendments to the Egyptian constitution. If the referendum is approved by the majority of Egyptians, an amendment to the Egyptian constitution will be stipulated. Through the amendment, Abdel Fattah el Sisi will probably get the mandate to become President of Egypt until 2030. That period certainly reminds the opposition of President Hosni Mobarak's tenure from 1981 to 2011. Husni Mubarak could only be derived from his power through the democratic movement as the Arab Spring spread. The opposition movement has called on the Egyptian people to reject the referendum set by parliament last week. If the Egyptian people agree to the referendum that forms the basis of a constitutional amendment to the President's term of office, the law stipulates that an elect Egyptian President through an election and holding office for two terms will no longer apply.
President El Sisi with military background came to power in 2014 after overthrowing the first civilian president, Mohammad Morsi who was democratically elected through election.

Will Egypt continue to carry out democratic presidential election through scheduled election? This will be determined through a referendum. Based on experience and history, the Egyptian people certainly have a record as provision to vote in the referendum starting on Saturday, 20thof April.

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