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Reconciliation for Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates

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A number of community members, both from the leaders of higher education institutions and election monitoring groups, call for the two presidential and vice-presidential candidates who have just joined the election to conduct reconciliation. Without having to wait for the results of the vote count and the determination of the president to be elected by the General Election Commission -KPU, the two pairs of candidates for president and vice president between Joko Widodo-Maru’f Amin -01 and Prabowo-Sandi Uno -02 are expected to meet and show their wisdom and statesmanship.This call is certainly not without reason. After a long and tiring process from the campaign period until voting day on April 17 and continued with ballot  counting, the "heating" atmosphere is still felt between the camp 01 and the camp 02. On one hand, the camp 01 claimed to be the winner based on 'Quick Count'. On the hand, the camp 02 claimed to be the winner based on the results of its internal calculation survey. The ballot counting process which is being manually carried out by KPU is still below 50% of the total number of the ballots. The official announcement will be announced no later than 22 May.Waiting for the result of manual counting by KPU, Indonesian people have faced differences and conflicts. Thus, the Indonesian elites need to signal that there is no problems among them. It is hoped that political party leaders and political elites will hold open dialogues and meetings and convey to the community, especially their supporters that in fact, the two camps have no problems.Reconciliation will certainly be a symbol of "reconciliation" by the two competing camps. They must refrain from issuing statements that can trigger supporters of mutual suspicion and mock. Reconciliation is expected to dilute the heating atmosphere.Therefore, the Indonesian people, especially the two camps either the two presidential candidates or their supporters must patiently wait for the result of the manual counting to be officially announced by KPU on May 22nd.  Besides, the General Election Commission -KPU as the organizer of the general elections and the Election Supervisory Body –Bawaslu must always be transparent, honest and fair in carrying out their duties and functions responsibly to avoid suspicion.

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