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INACRAFT 2019 to Bring Indonesian Industries to Go International

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INACRAFT 2019 to Bring Indonesian Industries to Go International antara news


The exhibition ‘The 21st Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair' -Inacraft 2019 is again held in Jakarta. This year's craft trade show is more special because there is a special pavilion of the Kingdom of Morocco. At the exhibition, the products displayed are more varied and more quality; it is followed by 1,700 participants from various regions in the country, and 1,400 booths are available. Inacraft 2019 promotes Betawi's leading arts, culture and crafts, with the theme "Jakarta Enjoyable Multicultural Diversities" accompanying the central theme "From Smart Village to Global Market".

President Joko Widodo in his opening on Wednesday, April 24 said that from year to year, the quality of products exhibited improves. He views the government would like to see Indonesian handicraft products continue to improve such as production capacity, quality, competitiveness, and image, especially for export quality.

Meanwhile, Minister of Industry, Airlangga Hartarto said that craft exports are expected to increase by reaching the target of 9 percent through this year's exhibition. He also said that there are a number of aspects needed by the Small-and-Medium Industries. They are design, assistance, access and funding.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Royal Moroccan delegation, Jamila El Moussali said that Moroccan participation in the INACRAFT 2019 event exhibits handicrafts and some Moroccan Islamic cultural objects. In addition, the presence of Morocco in this exhibition is very important to know each other and respect differences. But all those differences are now united in a large and magnificent exhibition in Jakarta.

Definitely, handicraft is the result of human cultivation which is manifested in the form of objects that support or become decoration in human life. Crafts can also symbolize a noble value of a nation's customs. If all crafts are packed well and professionally, they will provide added value to the makers and the state, and even give respect to those who see or appreciate the craft.

It should be noted that environmental issues have to be paid attention by traditional and modern crafters. Because the use of materials from nature and non-environmentally friendly materials is often a reference in the making. Thus, there is a need for regulations related to the use of natural resources and non-organic materials in supporting the Indonesian handicraft industry to be more respected and global.

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