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Friday, 26 April 2019 00:00

Kim Jong-Un Seek Support from Russia

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Kim Jong-Un Seek Support from Russia voinews id


North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, managed to make a diplomatic breakthrough by visiting Russia and meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin. With confidence, before meeting Putin, Kim Jong-Un said that the meeting with the Russian President would be a very meaningful dialogue. Whether Jong-Un's optimism came into being when meeting Putin in Vladivostok, can be seen from the statement of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin  who  said  that the visit of the North Korean leader would be able to help the two countries understand how to achieve conflict resolution on the Korean Peninsula.

Kim Jong-Un's visit to Russia, although finally meeting Putin in Vladivostok, which is very far from Moscow, was the first made by  the North Korean leader since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union in its time was a big country supporting North Korea in the financial sector. But after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Moscow finally reduced its support to North Korea by implementing a policy of two Koreas.

The North Korean leader certainly hopes that Putin's acceptance and talks will encourage Russia to support its efforts to reduce the pressure of sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies. As is known, Kim Jong-Un's breakthrough meeting with Vladimir Putin, came after no progress was made from the results of North Korean Leader's talks with US President Donald Trump in Hanoi last February.

Whatever the course of the talks, and whatever the outcome of the talks with the Russian President is, at least it can be said, that Kim Jong-Un has been able to demonstrate his ability to conduct diplomacy with the leaders of major countries. In one year, the young North Korean leader met Chinese President Xi Jinping four times, and twice held high-level talks with US President  Donald Trump. Regarding the results, Kim Jong-Un still has to wait, of course, by carrying out further diplomatic maneuvers.

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