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Succession of the Japanese Empire

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April 30, 2019 is a historic day for the Japanese because since the modern era, this is the first time a Japanese Emperor has abdicated. Usually, succession occurs because the Emperor is dead. It also became the end of the Heisei era and entered the new era of Reiwa. This new era was also special because this period marked original Japanese taken from 8th century poetry. Before this, 247 periods used nuances of culture outside of Japan. Japan inherited by crown prince Naruhito is indeed no longer the same as Japan inherited by Emperor Akihito. Japan in the Heisei period was in a condition called economic miracle, even magical. Rising from destruction after World War II and transforming into an economic power. However, there was  price to be  paid, the Japanese military role was reduced to become self defence  forces. Such was  the development of Japan that it  became the number 2 economy in the world after the United States. But the era was followed by the eruption of the growth bubble into a dragged economy. This period has until now been called a lost decade. But even though there was a succession, the Emperor who would assume his position faced quite a challenge. The Japanese economy has lagged behind the People's Republic of China whiiich is now  the number 2 economy. The nuclear threat from North Korea is also a scourge for Japan. Domestically, there is a desire from the government to make the Japanese military play a leading role. It is important because the neighboring  Chinese military is growing rapidly. The emperor meanwhile, does not have administrative political power but is still respected by his people. Indonesia welcomed this succession with the presence of a special Presidential envoy for Japan. The hope of this succession is in accordance with the Reiwa era, namely balanced internal and external harmony. Goodbye Heisei era, Welcome Reiwa era.


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