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Wednesday, 08 May 2019 12:24

Palestinian Muslim Grief in Gaza in the Beginning of Ramadan

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Ramadan, that started last May 6, is the holy month for Muslims all over the world. They look forward to it when people would fast and try to do more good deeds. However, in Ramadan 1440 H, this year, Palestinian Muslims in Gaza are in mourning. The Israeli bomb attack launched since Monday night, not only disrupted the devotion of worship but claimed lives and caused damage and injuries. The atmosphere of welcoming Ramadhan in the Gaza Strip was filled with grief, wounds and tears. As a result of Israeli attacks at least 12 Palestinians died. The Israelis themselves denied that some of the victims who died were caused by their attacks. Chronologically the tension that broke out into war occurred on Friday, when Palestinians in Gaza rallied against the blockade by Israeli soldiers. In the incident it was reported, a Palestinian wounded two Israeli soldiers near the border wall. Israel then responded with an air strike that left two members of Hamas forces dead. Israel thenbegan bombarding Gaza.Reaction came from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan related to the destruction of the building which was the location of the Turkish news agency Anadolu. Erdogan, through his comments on Twitter, as reported by the AFP news agency stated that Turkey and the Anadolu news agency would continue to tell the world about Israeli atrocities in Gaza and other parts of Palestine.The question is then, what is the reaction of the international community over the turmoil and Israeli attack on the Palestinian territories in Gaza? Some countries see the crisis in Gaza as a problem between the Hamas militant group and the Israeli military. Because of that, a ceasefire, and guarantee that there will be no attack will depend on Hamas and the Israeli military. But the real issue of Palestine is not just Hamas and Israeli military affairs. Recognition of sovereign Palestine is the only solution. That is a commitment that must be realized and encouraged through various efforts and negotiations.The Palestinians, has longed to live peacefully without fear of the threat of Israeli soldiers , who often carry out blind attacks in the Gaza Strip. As happened before and in the early days of Ramadan this year. A sad irony, when Muslims all over the world welcomed Ramadan with joy, Palestinian Muslims in Gaza worshiped in danger and the shadows of Israel's deadly attacks.

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