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Monday, 13 May 2019 09:33

Ramadhan Momentum to Relieve Political Tensions

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The voting implementation of the 2019 simultaneous general elections has passed for 3 weeks. Noise and mutual accusation are still ongoing between the camp of 01 and 02 that are most concerned with the results of the ballot counting of the presidential election by the General Election Commission -KPU. The issue of fraud continues to be voiced by both sides. Claims certainly attract the attention of some people in various regions. A group of people responds normally. However, some people feel emotional.At the grassroots level, they are tempted to question the issue of ‘people power’ which is highlighted by the camp of 02. The situation has been concerning lately. Moreover, the situation is worsened when hundreds of people who served at the polling stations and counting desks were declared dead because of being fatigue or other health problems. The fragment of grief news that appears almost every day is not able to encourage each camp to refrain. In fact, the fragment of the sad news is often put aside with issues about fraud surrounding the ballot counting.Disputes related to election results occur commonly. Abroad, the disputes arising from election results also often occur. Let’s look at the one that has happened in Venezuela more recently. This becomes international news. In Indonesia, the General Election Commission –KPU and the Election Supervisory Body –Bawaslu as the two institutions responsible for the administration and supervision of the elections have called on all stakeholders, especially the political elites and supporters of the two presidential candidates to refrain from actions that can worsen the situation. They must entrust fully the KPU and Bawaslu over the results of honest and fair general elections.Therefore, political actors must exercise restraint during this holy month –Ramadhan 1440 Hijiriah. We hope that the Ramadhan can encourage all communities, especially the two camps to introspect and reflect themselves. Indonesia's noble public ethics must not be damaged or setback because of the general elections.

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