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Ambassador Encourages US Entrepreneurs to Increase Strategic Relations with their Partners in Indonesia

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Ambassador Mahendra Siregar Ambassador Mahendra Siregar kbri

"Indonesia is currently the largest presidential democracy in the world, with an electoral vote of 81% or 153 million in the general election which lasted only 5 hours on 17 April 2019 to elect the President and Vice President and 20,000 candidates for legislative" , said the Indonesian Ambassador to the United States, Mahendra Siregar to start the Indonesia Luncheon event which was attended by more than 50 entrepreneurs in Des Moines, the capital of Iowa state, United States (6/5)

"In my opinion it is not easy to maintain democracy in a turbulent situation like now. But Indonesia managed to show it to the international community in the recent elections with a high level of participation, which has never happened before," continued Ambassador Mahendra Siregar.

"Indonesia is one of the largest economies in the world and is a member of the G-20 with a total GDP of US $ 1.1 trillion, the 16th largest in the world, with a purchasing power of US $ 4 trillion and has a demographic dividend or productive age population which continues to increase ", Ambassador Mahendra Siregar added.

"Indonesia also shows impressive economic achievements and has managed to maintain a vibrant economy and achieve infrastructure development outside Java which is the priority of the Indonesian government at this time, in addition to education and health. In the past 6 years economic growth has stabilized, ranging from 5.1% - 5.2% per year, which will continue in the future. Likewise with a low inflation rate of 3% in recent years and is expected to be even lower, and succeed in reducing the poverty rate by 9%, "said the Ambassador Siregar.

Regarding the relations between the two countries, Ambassador Mahendra Siregar said that Indonesia and the United States had very strong and very stable strategic relations. This year diplomatic relations between the two countries reached the age of 70 years, which officially took place since December 28, 1949, where the United States was one of the main countries supporting the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

"Indonesia and the United States have good strategic relations in the political and defense fields, but still need to be improved in the trade and investment sector. There is great potential in the agriculture and horticulture sector and derivative industries which can be further developed by both parties. in 2018 it reached US $ 30 billion, and I encouraged businessmen from both countries to build more strategic relationships, not only between B to B and company to company, but to build relationships in a broader direction as a group to utilize the various potentials offered Indonesia ", said Ambassador Mahendra Siregar.

On this occasion Ambassador Mahendra Siregar also explained the developments in the Southeast Asia region and the role of Indonesia in the United Nations.

"The Southeast Asia region will be the most dynamic region, which will be followed by improved stability. However, it will face various challenges, including proliferation of nuclear weapons in North Korea and tensions in the South China Sea between the 6 countries that claim it. the region, currently ASEAN countries will finalize the Code of Conduct on the South China Sea, where ASEAN member countries and 6 ASEAN partner countries will play a role in increasing stability in the region which has an important influence on world economic growth ", explained Ambassador Mahendra Siregar. (kjri-chicago)

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