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Indonesia Supports Global Initiative to Prevent Use of the Internet for the Purpose of Terrorism and Extreme Groups

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Meeting Christchurch Call for Action in Paris, France (15/5). Meeting Christchurch Call for Action in Paris, France (15/5). kemenlu twitter

On the sidelines of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, the Indonesian Vice President, Jusuf Kalla, who was accompanied by Indonesian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, AM Fachir, met the invitation of the French President and New Zealand Prime Minister to attend the Meeting Christchurch Call for Action in Paris, France (15/5).

The Vice President in his statement expressed the importance of three things, first building community resilience and solidarity with the ideology of extremism, including Islamophobia, through interfaith dialogue and empowering youth as agents of peace. Second, improving the governance of the internet by the government through regulations and law enforcement by involving the role of the private sector in its implementation. Third, encourage Public and Private Partnerships, through various innovations, such as the application of code of conduct, encouraging supervision, regulation and independent cyber patrol.

Vice President Kalla also stressed that the government and the entire information technology industry bear joint responsibility in making the internet world safer and healthier for all.

The meeting in Paris aims to build global cooperation between the government and internet service providers to prevent internet abuse by terrorist and extremist groups. One of them is eradicating online content related to terrorism and violent extremism and preventing further dissemination by internet users such as the Christchurch tragedy.

Also present at the meeting were Heads of State and Governments such as the King of Jordan, Senegal's President, British PM, Canadian PM, Irish PM, Norwegian PM and European Commission President and CEOs of international internet-based media. The meeting agreed on the Christchurch Call for Action document which contains the government's voluntary commitment from the business sector to make a joint response in overcoming the content of online terrorism. The document also encourages a balanced approach where the joint response continues to prioritize human rights including freedom of opinion and maintain the role and positive contribution of the internet for the purpose of peace and prosperity. (kemenlu)

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