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President Appreciates TNI and Polri's Dedication and Hard Work

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President Jokowi attended Fast Breaking with the TNI / Polri and Community Families in 2019, at the Monas Field, Jakarta, Thursday (5/16) evening. President Jokowi attended Fast Breaking with the TNI / Polri and Community Families in 2019, at the Monas Field, Jakarta, Thursday (5/16) evening. kemensetkab


President Joko Widodo appreciated the dedication and hard work of the TNI and Polri in carrying out their duties. According to the President, the professional work of all members of the TNI and Polri in the country made the simultaneous general elections held on April 17 running democratically, honestly, fairly, safely and peacefully.

"I really appreciate, really appreciate that hard work," the President said while giving a speech at the event opening together with a large family of TNI and Polri at the Monas Field, Jakarta, Thursday, May 16, 2019.

The President also reminded that Indonesia is a large country with diverse tribes, religions, races, cultures, customs, to different traditions.

"Thank God until now, and we hope so on, this country will continue to be safe," he continued.

According to the President, political stability and security are absolute conditions for the development of the Indonesian nation. This, he continued, would not have happened if the TNI and Polri were not solid and in synergy.

"It means what? At present we can work to build this country because the TNI and Polri are very solid and very united. That is the people who speak, I only hear. Glad people see the TNI and Polri united," he said.

The Head of State then invited the TNI and Polri to continue to embrace all elements of society to jointly build the nation. In addition, it is also to dispel understandings and forces that are not in accordance with Pancasila, and cut down the seeds of terrorism which can threaten the stability and integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Increasing TNI Polri's Capacity

On this occasion, the President also said that the government would continue to work hard to increase the capacity of the TNI and Polri. In the Indonesian National Police's leadership meeting on January 29, the President said that the tasks of the TNI and Polri would be even heavier. For this reason, he will sign the addition of the position of high-ranking TNI officer.

"I repeat that I will soon sign the position of a high-ranking TNI officer who will later have an additional number of more than 100 high-ranking TNI officers. But we will continue to examine this and in the future there will also be spaces for additional high ranking TNI officers," he said.

Meanwhile, related to the welfare of the TNI and Polri, the President said that the Hari Raya (THR) allowance will be received by TNI Polri members at the end of May. As for the thirteenth salary will be given in July.

"I have already signed if this is the case, the THR grant will be accepted at the end of this month at the latest," he said, greeted by boisterous applause from the soldiers. (pers media )

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