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Rising to Unite

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On May 20, 1908 or 111 years ago, the first youth organization named Boedi Oetomo was established in Indonesia. The organization initiated by Dr. Wahidin Sudirohudo was founded by Dr. Soetomo and the students of the Dutch East Indies Medical School, STOVIA when Indonesia was still colonized by the Dutch.
Boedi Oetomo is a social, economic and cultural organization. However, the establishment of Boedi Oetomo became the beginning of a movement aimed at achieving Indonesian independence. Then, May 20 is commemorated as National Awakening Day.The theme of this year's National Awakening Day is ‘Rising to Unite’. The theme is very relevant to the current condition of the Indonesian people post-April general elections. When the energy and emotion of most of the Indonesian people were drained for the success of the democratic party, when the aspiration of the Indonesian people was divided because of differences in choice, this is the right time for the Indonesian people to rise again and unite.It’s still inherent in the Indonesian memory. In the Dutch colonial period, the struggle of the Indonesian people for independence was carried out regionally. Each region in Indonesia struggled to free from the Dutch’s colonization. However, the independence might not be achieved due to the lack of unity in Indonesian people. The colonizer could easily crush the struggle of the Indonesian people at that time. Until finally, the youth organization, Boedi Oetomo was established on May 20, 1908 and then there was the Second Youth Congress on October 28, 1928 which resulted in the Youth Oath which voiced the determination of the Indonesian people to unite.The independence achieved by the Indonesian people 74 years ago began with the rise of a sense of unity among the youths and founders of the nation. Now, it is the right time for the Indonesian people to rise again from various problems that may trigger splitting. They remain united for the sake of progress and implementation of development in all fields.

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