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Friday, 17 May 2019 00:00

The tension in the Gulf Region escalating

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The tension in the Gulf Region escalating


One day after the drone attacks by Houthi in seven locations in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday (May 15), the Saudi-led coalition launched 11 airstrikes into Sana, the capital of Yemen and its surroundings. After the incident, the coalition claimed the target was entirely Houthi military installations. Before the attack on Saudi Arabia, two Saudi tankers and one tanker from the United Arab Emirates were attacked by unknown parties. Until today, no one has claimed to have launched the attack on the three ships. The United States has accused Iran; meanwhile Iran has accused Israel, an ally of the United States.

The Houthi attack carries the message that this militant group has been able to carry out attacks that can disrupt security in the surrounding country. Thus, the Houthis may obtain a higher bargaining position if they advance in negotiations.

Two incidents to the target in the coalition region made the Government of Saudi Arabia hold a meeting led directly by King Salman. After the meeting, a statement emerged that the acts of terrorism and sabotage not only targeted the kingdom, but also the security of oil supplies and the world economy.

Abu Dhabi, an area in the United Arab Emirates, which is a member of the Saudi Arabian coalition immediately, responded to the escalating tension. The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan met with Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi after the attack. According to sources in Egypt, President Al-Sisi supports Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

The heating situation becomes a joint concern if the tension in the Gulf region is increasing. Not only because of mutual reciprocal attacks but also because of increasing tension between the United States and Iran. Obviously, the tension in this region can disrupt oil export traffic and the regional economy. Now, how all the conflicting parties can reduce the tension and find the best solution by shunning confrontation or even armed conflict.

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