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Wednesday, 22 May 2019 00:00

Scott Morisson’s Victory, Hope and Future Challenges

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Scott Morisson from the Liberal Party will return to lead the Australian government after winning the Federal General Election held on Saturday 18 May 2019. Scott Morisson's victory was quite surprising especially for survey institutions that carried out polls and predicted victory for the Labor party. The results of the Australian Federal General Election showed Labor's convincing  defeat which resulted in the resignation of Bill Shorten as the supreme leader. The President of the United States welcomed and congratulated Scott Morisson on his victory. While China  showed a cold attitude. The Chinese state media in its news and editorial didn’t  show much interest in  Scott Morisson's victory. Scott Morisson's next task is to form a new government. He called it new, because in the cabinet led by Morrsion earlier, several figures in the government had resigned. Some of the key figures were Jullie Bishop, Christopher Pyne, Kelly O'Dywer, Michael Keenan and former minister Craig Laundy. In this perspective, Scott Morisson stated that a lot of work had to be done. In his victory speech while convincing Australians to unite after the election, Scott Morisson reiterated his commitment to return to work soon. The assertion to reunite the people of Australia was strengthened by his opponent in the General Election,  Bill Shorten. The Labor Party leader immediately congratulated Scot Morisson and hoped for a better Australia. The question is,  will Scott Morisson be able to carry out the mission to realize the hopes of the Australian people in making a better Australia? This certainly will be determined by how  solid his government is. Scoot Morisson must be very careful in choosing supporters of his government, especially considering that his  Liberal Party needs to form  a coalition with other parties. The previous fact shows several times, the rift in the government which led to the withdrawal of important figures in the government. For Indonesia, a good relationship with this  close neighbor will also be realized through Scott Morisson's foreign policy. Indonesia certainly hopes that good relations can continue to be maintained,  even further enhanced. As noted in the course of time,  Australia and Indonesia relations have often experienced a decline and even deteriorated.

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