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Indonesia Ready to Host International Religious Scholars Featured

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 Indonesia Ready to Host International Religious Scholars Indonesia Ready to Host International Religious Scholars Foto: Kris - Biro Pers Setpres
During a bilateral state visit President Joko Widodo met with Afghan Peace Council chairman Karim Khalili. The meeting was held at the Haram Sarai Palace, Kabul, Afghanistan, on Monday, January 29, 2018.
The President started his talk by conveying his deep sorrow for the tragedy that took place in Kabul some time later. The incident up to claimed at least dozens of lives.
He was also grateful for the visit made by the Chairman of the Peace Council of Afghanistan and the delegation to Jakarta some time ago. Through this return visit, President Joko Widodo intends to strengthen Indonesia's commitment in helping peace efforts in Afghanistan.
" I will use this visit to affirm Indonesia's commitment to help peace building in Afghanistan as requested by the President of Afghanistan," the President said.
This visit is really used by the President to conduct more detailed discussion about the steps to be taken forward, including the plan of organizing the international clerical meeting.
The President also suggested that the peace process be inclusive. This meeting will be followed up immediately in Jakarta.
"Indonesia is ready to host my suggestion, the meeting is inclusive," said the President. (Release of Protocol, Press and Media of Presidential Secretariat)
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