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Friday, 31 May 2019 00:00

3 Summits Taking Place in Saudi Arabia

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Since Thursday and Friday (May 30 and 31, 2019), three summits have been taking place successively in Saudi Arabia. The first event is the Arab League Summit. The second is the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Summit and the last event on Friday is the Summit of the Islamic Cooperation Organization -OIC. The first summit was held since tensions in the region increased. In fact, the Gulf Cooperation Council summit is called an emergency meeting. Meanwhile, the OIC Summit has been planned to take place in Mecca.The Arab League summit and the Gulf Cooperation Council are closely linked to the increasingly heated situation in the Gulf region. Some days before, at least, 2 incidents triggered an increase in tension. The first was an attack on an oil carrier. Until today, it is unclear who is responsible for the attack. The second is the drone attack from Yemen which is believed to be carried out by the Houthis against Saudi Arabia's oil facilities. The tension was worsened by the presence of US warships that are about to anticipate any attacks in the region.According to Saudi Arabia, Iran is considered to be behind all these attacks. In addition, an expression of a US official also seemed to corner Iran over the attack on the tankers. During the emergency summit, Saudi Arabia suddenly invited Qatar, which has been disliked over the past two years.Iran that was targeted by the black campaign did not remain silent. With several countries such as Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman, which still have good relations with Tehran, Iran has taken an approach to become a mediator with Saudi Arabia and the United States to reduce the escalating tensions in the region.Whatever is the decision at the three summits should create an opportunity to reduce the tension towards the peace negotiation forum. It proves that there is no lasting conflict. This means that Qatar is invited at these summits. This is not an easy job but can still be carried out as long as the warring parties want to sit together to communicate towards a solution to peace.

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