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Friday, 07 June 2019 00:00

President Xi Jin Ping's visit to Russia

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President Xi Jin Ping's visit to Russia


In Western Europe people may be paying attention to the visit of US President Donald Trump to Britain. As well as to  the 75th anniversary of the Allied troops landing in Normandy. In the east, two leaders whose countries share less warm relations with the United States and Western Europe met. Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Moscow to meet President Vladimir Putin.

The United States is moving  away from China with a trade war and later because of the case of a telecommunications equipment company that was considered to carry out espionage activities. Russia shunned the United States and Western Europe for their support of militias in Ukraine and occupation of the Crimean peninsula. At a meeting with Putin on Wednesday (June 5, 2019), President Xi Jinping regarded Putin as a friend. Putin responded by saying he was happy because the relations between the two countries had increased.

This relationship will likely more increase because this feeling of being shunned will encourage closer relations in various sectors including the military. Among others by  allowing a Russian telecommunications company to be supported by a Chinese company in developing the 5G network. Thursday Xi Jinping spoke at the economic forum in St. Petersburg. Nevertheless Russia's dependence on China is greater than that of China to Russia. So far the Chinese products has been aimed more at the US and the European Union  market than Russia. While Russia sent 15% of its exports to China.

This visit has indeed become a new chapter for Sino-Russian bilateral relations. This is a solution for the two countries to be able to withstand sanctions imposed by the United States and Europe. The world would  look forward to this closeness in a positive perspective and not at the two unite to conflict with the Western alliance.


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