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Coral Triangle Day

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If coral reefs are the rainforests of the seas, then the Coral Triangle is the underwater equivalent of the Amazon.  In this region that’s half the size of the United States and passes through six countries (the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands and Timor Leste), there are more marine species than anywhere else on the planet. 


Just as the Amazon is the symbol of the world’s rainforests – the so-called lungs of the earth – the Coral Triangle is developing iconic status as a marine treasure – the centre of the global marine diversity.

This where the Coral Triangle Day comes in.

Held every June 9, this is a celebration of the Coral Triangle. The event is celebrated in several locations around the Coral Triangle region through simultaneous activities such as beach clean-ups, mangrove planting, sustainable seafood dinners and exhibitions, bazaars, and beach parties, among others. (coraltriangleday.org)



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