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Wednesday, 12 June 2019 08:50

Japfa Chess Tournament in Yogyakarta

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Illustration : Chess tournament Illustration : Chess tournament percasi

To encourage the development of Indonesian chess, PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk synergized with the Executive Board of the All Indonesian Chess Association (PB Percasi) to hold the JAPFA Grand Master and Women Grand Master Tournament (GM & WGM Tournament) at the Grand Inna Garuda Yogyakarta Hotel June 13-21 2019.

JAPFA's Corporate Affairs Director, Rachmat Indrajaya, said that the JAPFA GM & WGM event was a manifestation of JAPFA's commitment to finding Indonesian superior seeds to win the Grand Master title to continue the journey of GM Utut Adianto and GM Susanto Megaranto.

"Previously JAPFA had supported the Indonesian team for the 3.3 Asian Games Chess Championship Fide Zone in Ulanbataar. In the event, the Indonesian Chess Team won two tickets to the 2019 Chess World Cup," Rachmat Indrajaya told a news conference at the Atlet Century Hotel on Monday (10 / 6/2019).

Rachmat Indrajaya explained, Indonesia needed a young and professional Grand Master to carve the name of Indonesia in the international arena.

"Finding and training superior seeds is the key to the success of Indonesian chess achievements in the future," explained Rachmat Indrajaya.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of PB Percasi, Utut Adianto who accompanied Rachmat Indrajaya said that the JAPFA GM & WGM 2019 will also be followed by Indonesian chess players.

"Through the nine round matches, the Indonesian Chess team can release their best potential to meet capable opponents from Asia and Europe. PB Percasi and JAPFA present GMs with high ratings, Kokarev GMs from Russia who have a 2609 rating, GM Ivan Sokolov ( NED, 2595) to be an opponent of the Indonesian chess team, "Utut Adianto said.

In addition to his hopes of increasing the rating of the young Grand Master, Utut also hopes that this event will become a match for GM Susanto Megaranto and WGM Media Warda Aulia to prepare for the 2019 Chess World Championship.

JAPFA through the social investment department through the JAPFA event The Grand Master & Woman Grand Master Tournament brought together Indonesian chess players with excellent chess players from the continents of Asia and Europe.

"In collaboration with PB Percasi, JAPFA will bring together 12 male chess players and 12 female chess players from Europe and Asia," explained Rachmat Indrajaya. 

In the press conference, there were also Georgia chess players, WGM Keti Tsatsalashvili and French origin, WGM Sophie Milliet and Indonesian chess player Medina Warda Aulia. (trbnews)

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