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President Xi Jin Ping's visit to North Korea

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President Xi Jin Ping visited Pyongyang, North Korea before attending  the G 20 Summit,  to be held  in Osaka, Japan  on June 28-29 . This  is  the first Chinese leader's visit after 14 years. Relations between the two countries have been very close since China’s support to North Korea during the Korean war in the 50s. This closeness is not only about politics but also trade. China is North Korea's main trading partner. Even though it is more symbolic and does not carry a specific mission, this visit provides moral support to North Korea in  resolving the issue of its nuclear installation. What's more the problem faced by both of them is the United States, though not exactly the same. China faces economic problems caused by  the ongoing  trade war with the US. While  North Korea deals with nuclear installation issues. Indeed there is no plan to issue a joint communiqué, but at least there is an opportunity for the North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un to deliver a message through the Chinese President to US President Donald Trump. President Xi Jin Ping plans to meet with President Trump at the G 20 Summit later. The Chinese President himself still hopes that there will be further negotiations between the United States and North Korea that have been deadlocked after two meetings between President Donald Trump and Leader Kim Jong-un. After the failure of the last meeting in Vietnam, the North Korean Supreme Leader was indeed mobilizing moral support from countries he considered close partners. Before meeting the President of the PRC, the North Korean leader visited Russian  President Vladimir Putin recently. Amid the trade war with the United States, President Xi also approached President Putin and even met twice. The first was during a bilateral visit to Moscow and the second at a Conference in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The world is  looking  forward to see whether the message from Kim Jong-un will be accepted by the United States. If so, it is likely that the third meeting between  President Donald Trump and Leader Kim Jong-un will be realized.

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