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Jakarta with 492 years old Towards a Smart City

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Last Saturday, June 22, 2019, Jakarta City commemorated its 492nd anniversary. Initially, Jakarta was a port city called ‘Sunda Kelapa’. Then, Prince Fatahillah from the Sultanate of Banten conquered Sunda Kelapa and changed the name to Jayakarta on June 22, 1527. This date was subsequently designated as the date of the establishment of the Jakarta City. Meanwhile, when Jayakarta developed, it became a busy port city where traders from China, India, Arabic and European countries  as well as from other countries exchanged various commodities.After Indonesia's independence in 1945, Jakarta grew well. It has become not only the capital and center of government, but also the centers of business, finance and services. This status makes Jakarta a city of urbanization where people from various regions across Indonesia come to find a better life. As a result, Jakarta has become more crowded, jammed and less organized.As the theme of this year's commemoration, the Jakarta government raised the "New Face of Jakarta". According to Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan, behind a new physical face, there must be a new perspective. New things can begin from the mind to the action. He emphasized the importance of changing the mindset to realize the New Face of Jakarta. He also pointed out that as a means of transportation, the Jakarta government has prepared sidewalks so that people would walk more often in the city.Jakarta is also expected to be a smart city similar to Seoul, South Korea or Tokyo, Japan. Head of the Jakarta Office of Communication, Information and Statistics (Diskominfotik), Atika Nur Rahmania emphasized that  Jakarta will be a smart city. Based on the Jakarta Smart City (JSC) website, Jakarta as the capital city is projected to become a smart city before 2025. There are six smart city categories that are interrelated: smart living, smart mobility, smart governance, smart environment, smart economy, and smart people. All of these must be a major concern. This means that essentially, the Jakarta government will develop information and communication technology to improve service quality for the community.Hopefully, the dream of becoming a smart city will come true sooner!


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