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Constitutional Court to earlier announce the verdict of disputes over the results of the 2019 Presidential Elections

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Through plenary sessions, the Constitutional Court (MK) will announce the verdict of the dispute over the results of the 2019 Presidential Elections. Previously, the hearing of the verdict would be held on Friday, June 28. However, based on the judges' meeting, the session is accelerated one day to Thursday, June 27.

Head of Public Relations and Domestic Cooperation Section of the MK, Fajar Laksono said that his side has submitted summons for litigants. They are the claimants, presidential candidate number 02 Prabowo-Sandi and then the defendant, the General Election Commission (KPU). Meanwhile, related parties are presidential candidate number 01 Jokowi-Ma'ruf, and Election Supervisory Body -Bawaslu.

The Constitutional Court has finished holding a hearing on the results of the presidential election through a trial. The trial has been held five times, with the agenda of reading the claimants' arguments, reading the arguments of the defendant and related parties, examining witnesses of the claimants, the defendant, and related parties.

At present, all Indonesian people are waiting for the announcement of the results of the trial. As it’s known, the trial process has been carried out openly. The public can also watch the entire trial via television. Based on the open trial, now constitutional judges are holding internal meetings. Therefore, there is no reason for all parties to question the results of the transparent trial process.

Two days ahead is an important waiting period to maintain peace. All parties are expected to maintain the atmosphere. Political elites should not issue provocative statements that may cause friction in the public. In addition, the disputing parties should be able to show maturity in politics.
Besides, all the public should accept, obey, and carry out whatever the verdict of the judges later.

This verdict is very important for the future of the Indonesian nation in the next five years. More importantly, various responses to the verdict will come up. The world community will witness and assess Indonesia as the third largest democratic country in the world, which is able to demonstrate its beautiful democratic life.

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