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US-Iran Tension Continues

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Without taking diplomatic steps, the United States imposes new sanctions against Iran. President Donald Trump in Washington has issued an executive order that imposes tougher sanctions. If previously only they were only  economic sanctions on the Iranian government, Washington's new sanctions specifically also applied to Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei. According to Trump, new sanctions targeting the office of Iran's highest leader were put in place in response to the shooting of US drones, as well as other matters. Donald Trump said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was chosen specifically because he was most responsible for Iran's hostility towards the United States. The US sanctions were imposed after Donald Trump canceled a military attack on a number of targets in Iran. The new sanctions on Iran, however, can be considered as Donald Trump's policy of avoiding a war that might have a wider direct impact, including the Iranian civil society. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that harsher trade economic sanctions will have a long-term impact on Iran's domestic economic conditions and for the Iranian people themselves. With the new sanctions the United States has locked Iranian assets in the US  worth billions of dollars. The new Iranian sanctions also prevented the access of Iran's supreme leader to financial resources to foreign financial institutions that assist the Iranian government. Through more stringent new sanctions, Donald Trump also oversees and limits the relationship between parties with an interest in Ali Khamenei. It seems  the United States targets in the end is that  the Iranian Government will surrender, accept negotiations and stop its nuclear production activities altogether. Iran itself responded  to the  new US sanctions with a strong attitude. As stated by Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi, the new US sanctions will not affect Tehran's decision or attitude. Strictly speaking in a statement at a press conference in Tehran, the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman stressed that the  new US sanctions on Iran did not have any impact. Thus it can be said that the tension between US  and Iran will continue.

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