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President Trump In Demilitarized Zone

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After attending the G 20 Summit in Osaka Japan. Donald Trump recorded new history as the first President of the United States to set foot on North Korean earth. Even though the last two meetings with Kim Jong-un did not produce significant results apparently Donald Trump has a special impression on Kim Jong-un. Trump expressed his wish to go a few steps into North Korean teritorycalled the Demilitarized Zone, in Panmunjom village. No US president had set foot on the Demilitarized Zone, which President Clinton dubbed "the scariest place on Earth".All eyes then turned to the Korean peninsula after some time ago the US and Iranian feud which made the Middle East region quite tense. Although tensions in the Middle East are not yet over, but the third meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un became a hope for reducing tensions on the Korean peninsula.The failure of the first and second meetings between President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un could be foorgotten then. Indeed the relationship between these two leaders is unique. Almost like a love-hate relationship. In his twitter account, June 30, 2019, Trump expressed his wish to meet Leader Kim Jong-un again, just to shake hands and say hello. Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un, on this rare occasion, said the meeting in the Demilitarized Zone was a symbol of a "very good" relationship between him and Trump.Although it is not yet clear what the outcome of this meeting is, but at least this meeting does not close all possibilities for negotiations to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue.Now the world is looking forward to whether the third meeting between the two will be continued with the fourth more concrete meeting which is more concrete. Or is it still at the ceremonial level only? Hopefully, they are not just being polite, and there will be some results after that.

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