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Finding the Ideal Leaders of the Corruption Eradication Commission

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The selection committee for the leadership of the Corruption Eradication Commission -KPK has closed the registration of candidates’ documents at the State Secretariat Office in Jakarta on Thursday (4/7). There are 348 registrants who are officially accepted by the selection committee. This year’s registration took around two weeks from June 17 to July 4.
The prospective leaders of KPK consist of various professions, such as advocates, academicians, police officers, and even some members of the Corruption Eradication Commission. Those who pass the selection will take a competency test a week after July 11.Then, the selection committee will announce the passing of the competency test within one week later. Furthermore, they must take general psychology and public tests. The public test is carried out by prospective leaders so that the public know who the candidates of the KPK are and how their capabilities are. In September, those who pass the public test will enter the interview stage. The final stage is that the selection committee will screen the best top 10 prospective leaders to be submitted to President Joko Widodo.The question is whether the figures of the ideal leaders of the Corruption Eradication Commission to be expected are able to carry out their duties well. According to Chairwoman of the selection committee, Yenti Ganarsih, the prospective leaders of the KPK must understand and have various abilities. In addition, they must comprehend the problems of state finance, procurement and matters related to the internal organization of the KPK. Besides, they also have to have a strong psychological condition over pressure and have wisdom and understand the direction of the country's economic development.

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