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President Joko Widodo's First Political Speech, ‘Indonesia's Vision’

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President Joko Widodo delivered his first political speech since being elected President in the 2019 Presidential Elections. This speech was delivered at the Indonesia’s Vision event which took place at Sentul International Convention Center in Bogor, West Java on Sunday night (07/14/2019).In his speech, President Joko Widodo said that nowadays, humans live in a very dynamic global environment. So, he appealed to the Indonesian people to create innovation and abandon old ways, both in managing organizations, institutions, and in managing the government. According to him, Indonesia must become a country that is more productive, competitive and flexible in facing these changes. To this end, he emphasized several major stages, including infrastructure development, human resources, opening widest investment to create employment, reforming the bureaucracy, and guaranteeing the use of the state budget which is focused and targeted.In the first period of President Joko Widodo serving as President, infrastructure development was one of his priorities because it was related to his Nawacita program, namely building Indonesia from the periphery by strengthening regions and villages.By improving the human resources, he pointed out in his political speech that human resource development must be carried out by ensuring the health of pregnant women, infant health, toddler health, and health of school-age children because it is the golden age to produce superior Indonesian people in the future.The investment sector is also an important stage. By attracting a lot of foreign investors and streamlining complicated licenses, hopefully, this can open employment opportunities to a great extent for the people of Indonesia.In the field of bureaucratic reform, President Joko Widodo ensured that there are no more complicated bureaucratic services. Because according to him, the speed of serving, and the speed of giving permit are the keys to bureaucratic reform.The final stage in his speech is a guarantee in using the focused and targeted state budget so as to have benefits and improve welfare for the people.President Joko Widodo’s political speech, ‘Indonesia's vision’ shows his seriousness in resolving problems and tasks that must be completed in the second period of his leadership. Hopefully, all the hopes and visions that have been affirmed in his speech can be realized towards a more advanced and prosperous Indonesia.

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