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Boris Johnson And The Brexit Crisis

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Britain has a new Prime Minister amid controversy over the way the country is out of
the European Union or Brexit. After winning the internal election, Chair of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson, in accordance with the Parliamentary system, took office as Prime Minister. Before officially occupying his new position, Boris Johnson will be installed by Queen Elisabeth as head of state.In the the Conservative Party Chair's internal election Tuesday, July 23, Boris Johnson won a 66.4 percent vote to beat his rival Jeremy Hunt, who was serving as Foreign Minister. After the election results were announced, Jeremy Hunt immediately congratulated Boris Johnson on the victory. Congratulations were also conveyed by Theresa May who resigned from the position of Prime Minister some time ago.In his victory speech as broadcast by the BBC, Boris Johnson promised to take immediate action regarding the exit of Britain from the European Union, popularly called Brexit. Boris Johnson, who was once the Mayor of London, stressed that Brexit will be completed by 31 October. The Conservative Party politician also believes that he will be able to defeat opposition leader Jeremy Corbin of the Labor Party, and restore the glory of Great Britain.The election of Boris Johnson as British Prime Minister immediately received responses from the United States and Iran. In his congratulation message, President Doland Trump believes Boris Johnson will succeed. Previously Trump did provide support to Boris Johnson.From Tehran, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stated that Iran did not want to extend confrontation with Britain. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards last week held the British flagged Stena Impero super tanker. This problem is still unresolved because it involves other parties such as the United States and its allies.It is very possible that the new British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, will concentrate on the issue of Brexit first to pursue the October 31 deadline. The political crisis that could threaten the UK economy after the referendum that caused Britain to leave the European Union must be resolved immediately. Regarding Brexit, Boris Johnson was determined to immediately execute it with or without any agreement. Boris Johnson's stance had previously invited protests from the Conservative Party which he now leads. The Conservative Party considers that if Britain has to leave the European Union without an agreement or no deal exit, it is feared there will be chaos not only in politics but also economically and socially. The British people are now awaiting steps to be taken by Boris Johnson, who has long been known as a controversial figure.

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