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US Plan to Deploy Missiles in Asia

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The plan of the United States to place ground missiles in the Asian region could trigger an escalation of tension between countries, especially in Asia. The pros and cons on Washington's intention arose after US Defense Secretary Mark Esper put forward the plan during a recent visit to Australia. Mark Esper announced that the United States government would soon place ground missiles which  range could reach 5,500 kilometers. The statement was made without mentioning the country that will be the location. Earlier  Mark Esper had said America wanted to deploy its  missiles in the Pacific or Asia region. Reportedly from Canbera, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said there was no request from Washington for the missile to be placed in Australia. Meanwhile, ASEAN member countries will certainly not be willing to be the place for  US missiles. This can be ensured given the commitment of the organization of Southeast Asian countries to make the region  nuclear weapons-free. In a meeting of ASEAN Foreign Ministers in Bangkok last week, it was explicitly stated that ASEAN was a territory free of nuclear weapons. With this joint commitment, no ASEAN member will be able to accept the presence of nuclear weapons, including those planned by the United States. The United States announced the plan after last week officially resigning from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty. with Russia that bans the use of land missiles with a range of between 500 kilometers to 5,500 kilometers. Before announcing plans to place land nuclear missiles in Asia, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper had accused China of carrying out activities that could disrupt regional stability. US allegations have been refuted by China by calling it slander. However, the end of the United States-Russia Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty., followed by Washington's statement that it will immediately place land missiles, marks an increase or escalation of tense relations between the two major nations. The United States, China and Russia in fact are trying to increase their influence in the world. All three are constantly trying to show strength and influence and increasing competition. For this reason, ASEAN as a regional organization that prioritizes stability and peace must be able to show its stance  and take strategic steps. In order to maintain balance and peace in Southeast Asia in particular and Asia in general.

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