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Speaker of the House of Representatives Encourages the Study of Amendments to the Constitution

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Bambang Susanto Bambang Susanto VOI
House Speaker Bambang Soesatyo on Tuesday in Jakarta, encouraged an in-depth study of the discourse of reviving the State Policy Guidelines (GBHN). According to him, the development of geopolitics and the global economy is one of the considerations of whether or not the State policy Guidelines needs to be revived. After meeting President Joko Widodo at the Jakarta Presidential Palace, Bambang Soesatyo said that the study on whether or not the guidelines needed to involve all relevant parties, both academics and the community. However, Bambang Soesatyo ensured that the House would support the discourse on the revival of the state Guidelines if the public really want it. "I am of the view that the State Policy Guidelines (GBHN) needs to be studied further because the dynamics of the current global political economy are extremely different from those of 20 or 50 years ago. So whether we need to review the guidelines or not, it involves all of our people, academics, too, because once we decide, it will be binding for decades to come because it outlines the direction of our country, while the dynamics of the global political economy are very fast. If the people need us in parliament to fight for, but if the people say they don't need it because they don't answer the challenges of the times, then we will follow the people's will," said Bambang Susatyo. It is known, the discourse of reviving the state guidelines reemerged by carrying out a limited amendment to the 1945 Constitution. The guidelines was considered important so that the direction of national development was more focused and the use of the state budget will be more measurable. Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly said, political parties in the House of Representatives had agreed to revive the State-Policy Guidelines with amendments to the 1945 Constitution. He said that the revival of the guidelines had long been discussed jointly by the review bodies in the People’s Consultative Assemby (MPR) and political parties. (VOI/ANDY/AHM)
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