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Indonesian government through Indonesian embassy in Harare begins to keep developing cooperation of train revitalization in Zimbabwe and Zambia this year. Indonesian Ambassador to Zimbabwe and Zambia, Dewa M. Juniarta Sastrawan, through Indonesian embassy’s press release which was received in Jakarta on Sunday (18/8) explained that starting 2019, the Indonesian embassy in Harare prioritizes to develop cooperation of revitalization of train cargo in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Ambassador Dewa pointed out that starting this year, the Indonesian embassy in Harare promotes the Indonesian superiority in developing infrastructure connectivity of transportation in Zimbabwe and Zambia to obtain benefit from the implementation agreement of African Continental Free Trade Zone which has been applied by both countries.

This year, there is a difference in commemorating Indonesian Independence at Indonesian embassy in Ankara, Turkey. This is the existence of Indonesian Peace Forces, Garuda 28-K UNIFIL Forces which enlivened the event. Garuda Forces arrived in Mersin port, Turkey by using KRI Sultan Hasanuddin-366 on Sunday (18/8). Besides attending the 74th Indonesian Independence Day ceremony, Garuda Forces also entertained in the event with the title ‘Gebyar Kemerdekaan’. This was attended by around 500 Indonesian citizens and various Indonesian partners. The presence of the Special Forces was also welcomed with flowers by Indonesian citizens in Turkey, who wore archipelagic traditional clothes. Some members of Garuda Forces participated in entertaining Indonesian people who were present. One of them is musical performance by  "The Armed Forces Band". There were also members of Forces who showed traditional dances, such as A Saman and Rampak Kendang dance.

In the midst of limitation and condition of security which is not condusive, Indonesian embassy in Baghdad still held flag ceremony to commemorate the 74th Indonesian Independence Day. The ceremony was led by Indonesian Ambassador to Iraq, Bambang Antarikso. All staffs of the Indonesian embassy, Indonesian students from Najaf, Indonesian citizens who work in Baghdad and Iraqi residents also attended the ceremony. Ambassador Bambang said that there was interesting thing in the ceremony in Iraq this year. 2 persons from 3 flag raisers were Iraqi people.  They were Amir, the Indonesian embassy’s staff and Hasan, son of the Indonesian embassy’s staff. According to the ambassador, they admitted being proud because they were elected as flag raisers. This refers close relationship between the Indonesian embassy and its staffs who are Iraqi citizens. For Hasan, it was the first time for him to line up and hoist the flag. As stated by Ambassador Bambang in his statement on Saturday (17/8).

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