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The Threat of the Nuclear Weapon Race Begins

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Since the end of the Cold War, marked by the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the early 90s, the threat of a potential world war through a nuclear weapons has declined. The hegemony of 2 superpowers has disappeared, but fears of a nuclear war remain. It is known that several countries of the Soviet Union fraction are apparently still storing nuclear warheads which security is very doubtful. But Russia took over the position of the superpower after the breakup of the Soviet Union and continued to ask the United States to comply with the nuclear treaty agreement Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty-START I and II. The first was signed on July 31, 1991 by George H. W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachov. This agreement is valid from 5 December 1994 and ends 5 December 2009. On 8 April 2010 START II was signed by Russia and America in Prague. After ratification, START II entered into force 5 February 2011 until 2021.But the nuclear threat came back after President Donald Trump declared his exit from the nuclear agreement in early August and shortly after August 18 the United States tested its new cruise missile.After the nuclear testing, the US Defense Ministry reported that the launch of missiles from the US Navy base on San Nicolas Island off the coast of Los Angeles, California was a success. According to the US government, the data collected and lessons learned from this trial will provide information for the development of medium-range missile capabilities carried out by the Ministry of Defense.Meanwhile, the US missile launch test will invite sharp criticism from UN Security Council members.The Chinese government criticized the test of land-based cruise missiles conducted by the United States (US). China assesses that it will have a serious negative impact on the international and regional security situation. According to a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Geng Shuang, Tuesday, August 20, what was done by the US will trigger a new round of arms races that will lead to increased military confrontation. Washington must let go of its cold war mentality to create a situation conducive to international and regional peace and tranquility.The effect of the missile test on the international community is the emergence of anxiety about the potential return of nuclear war. Although some countries such as North Korea, India, Pakistan have done the same thing,but the fear that emerged not as strong as the US and Russia did. Moreover, the world situation is currently being hit by various crises, ranging from the economic crisis, the energy crisis, especially fossil energy, and environmental problems that threaten the survival of the world's population.Hopefully what Russian President Putin has said, that there will be a "Global Disaster" if the US does not want to sit together again to discuss the nuclear agreement, will never become a reality.

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