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What are you doing? (Sedang Apa?)

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Voice of Indonesia in Jakarta presents Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia, a lesson in Bahasa  Indonesia or the Indonesian language on the radio, which introduces   some  Indonesian vocabulary and  guides  you to use them in a conversation. The segment of Let's Speak Indonesia is a cooperation of RRI World Service Voice Of Indonesia with the Language Development Agency, the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.  Today’s topic is Sedang Apa? Or in English ‘What are you doing?’  

Next is a conversation about Sedang Apa? or in English ‘What are you doing?’ Endah is reading newspaper at family room. Tony comes and greets her.


Kamu sedang apa?


Saya sedang membaca koran

After the conversation, now I’ll introduce some vocabulary and expressions related to the topic today. I’ll say each word slowly, and twice and you can follow after me.


(2X)which means



(2X)which means


Kamu sedang apa?

(2X)which means

What are you doing?

Saya sedang membaca koran

(2X)which means

I am reading newspaper.

Apa yang sedang dia lakukan?

(2X)which means

What is she/he doing?

Dia sedang membaca berita

(2X)which means

She/he is reading the news

In the dialogue, Tony asks Endah, Sedang apa? Which means ‘what are you doing? To ask about someone’s activities, you can say:

-      Sedang apa?”           

-      Kamu sedang apa?   

-      Anda sedang apa?    which means      what are you doing?

-      Mereka sedang apa?          which means     what are they doing?

Or you can say:

-  Apa yang sedang kamu lakukan?            What are you doing?

-  Apa yang sedang dia lakukan?                 What is she/he doing?                  

To answer the question or to mention your activities to others, you can say:

Saya sedang membaca koran                            I am reading a book.

Dia sedang membaca berita                      she/he is the news.

In a daily conversation with friends, someone usually uses the word lagi apa or sedang apa.

For example:

-      Kamu lagi apa ?

The question has the same meaning with     

-      Kamu sedang apa? which means        what are you doing?

The expression lagi apa is only used in daily conversation, instead of an official situation.

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