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Welcoming the Era of Electric Vehicles in Indonesia

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Last Sunday (8/9), Indonesia Electric Motor Show (IEMS) 2019 at Kartika Expo Balai Kartini room in Jakarta was visited by many people. They seemed enthusiastic about observing various electric vehicles, pure batteries, hybrids, plug-in hybrids until fuel cells that displayed at that event.Visitors came from various circles, with different goals. Some just wanted to look at the exhibition, and some visitors were curious about the development of Indonesia's electric vehicles.Environmental issues are one of the main reasons why some countries are switching from vehicles with fossil fuels to electric ones. The attention of the Indonesian people towards electric vehicles was even greater when the President, Joko Widodo officially signed the Presidential Regulation (Perpres) related to electric cars.The main concerns are not only the product and price, but also the availability of battery charging areas and battery waste treatment.For the people of Indonesia, especially the middle and lower economic circles, product models and prices are certainly an important part of their consideration for switching to electric cars. The habit of people hoping to resell cars that they have been using for several years at a high price will certainly be a challenge to sell electric vehicles.In addition, the availability of battery charging places is certainly an important consideration for electric vehicle users. The number of traffic jams, especially in big cities, especially Jakarta, will certainly make the battery consumption quite large. Thus, there is a need for a large amount of battery charging.Another important point that must be solved is the waste management of electric vehicle batteries. The battery has a lifetime. This means that there will be a lot of battery waste that comes from electric vehicles whose impact is negative on the environment.Therefore, before the mass use of electric vehicles is properly realized, the obstacles that may arise must first be solved.

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