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Javanese Gamelan performance which was conducted at Indonesian embassy in Washington DC amazed US citizens who flocked presidential room on Friday (6/9). In addition, Javanese Gamelan also performed Javanese and Balinese dances such as Gambyong and Merak as well as puppet leather demonstration. In addition, the attractiveness of the Indonesian embassy’s building as one historical building in Washington, D.C., also became magnet for more than 100 visitors at the event which was packaged with the name “Evening at the Embassy of Indonesia”. The gamelan players and dancers at the evening were from Javanese Gamelan class of the Indonesian embassy in  Washington, D.C., led by Muryanto, the winner of Ambassador Award in Excellence in Arts and Culture 2019. While, the explanation on puppet leather was conducted by Marc Hoffman, a famous puppeteer.

Pendet dance from Bali which was danced by dancers of Indonesian embassy in Pretoria succeeded to amaze audiences in the event with the title "Celebrating 100 Years of Spring Fair" at "Pretoria High School for Girls" in South Africa. Balinese Gamelan and dynamic movement of Pendet dance had succeeded to amaze the visitors who attended the event. This was reported at a press release of the Indonesian embassy in Pretoria,  received in Jakarta on Sunday (8/9). There were some visitors who wanted to take picture along with the Balinese dancers.

The need of Indonesia’s energy which keeps increasing every year and Indonesia’s commitment to decrease emission 29% in 2030, encouraged Indonesian parliamentary to cooperate with parliamentary of Republic of Czech. The cooperation is in the form of development of renewable electrical energy, especially in encouraging development of electric car project which is currently under study by the Indonesian government. The Indonesian parliamentary arrival, which was led by Deputy Speaker of Indonesian House Representative, as Coordinator of Industry and Development Affairs, Agus Hermanto on Saturday (7/9), was received by Deputy Speaker of Czech parliamentary, Vojtech Filip. In addition to visiting Czech parliament, Indonesian delegation had visited a number of renewable energy industries and electric vehicle in Prague, the capital city of Czech.

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