Friday, 13 September 2019 13:00

Earthquake Victim Evacuation Tool, “Deoterions” by Brawijaya University

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The Twitter account of the English-language television news station, Al Jazeera English tweeted about the recent finding of Brawijaya University -UB students. The finding is in the form of a disaster preparedness tool called ‘Deoterions’ (Detector of Interconnected Position Points). The account informs his followers that this tiny device created by Indonesian students can save lives from earthquakes, with the only US$ 7 dollars. Deoterions are cards that aim to facilitate the discovery of the position of victims buried by the collapse of a building post-earthquake. Deoterions is invented by three students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Brawijaya University. Located in the Southeast Asian Seismic Zone, Indonesia has the potential to experience an earthquake. This is the background of the three students who discover ‘Deoterions’. This tool functions to emit radio waves that can be captured by victims' search receivers such as the SAR team so that the position of the users of Deoterions can be known even though the building is in a collapsed state. This card is equipped with a button that is able to read movement, so that the user's life opportunity can be predicted. The cards are also connected to each other. So, the position of other users can be known from one user that has been found first. All information will be displayed on a special smartphone application in the form of a list so that it makes reading easier. One member of the discovering team, Muhammad Rikza Maulana said that SAR teams usually use heavy equipment and life detectors to search for victims. However, heavy equipment cannot be used in the search for fatalities whose position is not known with certainty, because if one predicts it can potentially increase the damage to organs of victims who have been buried by the debris of collapsed buildings.

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