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To strongly punish those who burn land and forest

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Forest is a very vital area for the earth and human life source. Indonesia is known as the world’s third biggest country of forest in the world. It consists of tropical forest in some regions across Indonesia, especially rain forest in Kalimantan and Papua. Based on the date of Forest Watch Indonesia, around 82 hectares of Indonesian land is covered with thick forest. Forest is also one of supporting parts for natural equilibrium and microbiological energy resources that are in need. The question is that what happens if the forest is burnt? The forest and land fires almost occur in some regions throughout Indonesia every year, usually entering dry season. Anyhow, the forest and land fires may bring about disadvantages for both local and people and neighboring countries. The serious negative impacts are the losses of flora and fauna, and air pollution. As consequences, the people impacted may suffer from many kinds of diseases such as respiratory infection, asthma and chronic lungs disorders. In addition, the smoke of the forest and land fires also interrupts the sight distance, mainly for the flight. In general, the causing factors of the forest and land fires are lightening and human activities which are carried out intentionally or unintentionally. The intentional burning is aimed at opening new land for plantation. The government of Indonesia has attempted to address the forest and land fires by mobilizing the local people, the police and armed forces personnel. More importantly, the government through the Ministry of Environment has seriously punished those who are proven to have burnt the forest. So far, there have been hundreds of suspected people and four companies. The serious efforts of Indonesian government to cope with the forest and land fires are worth appreciating. The local people, primarily the individual planters also have to take part in maintaining their environment. They must be aware of the negative consequences of the forest and land fires.

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