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The title is ‘Indotrans Expo 2019’

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In commemorating the National Transportation Day, Indonesian Ministry of Transportation held ‘Indotrans Expo 2019. When opening the Indotrans Expo 2019 in JCC Senayan, Jakarta on Friday (13/9), Vice President, Jusuf Kalla affirmed that good management of transportation may help the government reduce the trade account deficit through less use of fuels in transportation sector.  If the personal motor vehicles are getting bigger, consumption of fuels is also getting bigger. As a result, air pollution cannot be avoided due to the emission of the motor vehicles. A good management of transportation is by building infrastructure of public fast and comfortable modes of transportation. Consequently, the people especially the commuters are expected to change their life style from using their personal motor vehicles to public transportation. Thus, the Ministry of Transportation has to carry out rapid transformation in managing transportation in land, sea and air transportations across Indonesia. With effective and efficient transportation system, the infrastructure development across Indonesia has been evenly mobilized. Of course, this connects among people and cargo inter-region. VP Jusuf Kalla asked for the Transportation Ministry to adjust with updated transportation technology that can reduce the traffic accident. More importantly, the human resources in the transportation sector must be improved to address the obstacles in the transportation sector such as modes of sea, land and air transportations. In the commemoration of National Transportation Day, Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi hopes that his side can improve human resources in his ministry so that transportation becomes more convenient, safer and safer. Indotrans Expo 2019 was held from Friday (13/9) to Sunday (15/9) with the theme "Knitting the Archipelago Building the Nation, a Real Service for Transportation People for Excellent Indonesia, Advanced Indonesia." The aim of the exhibition was to provide information to the public about the development of infrastructure, facilities and human resources in the transportation sector in Indonesia.

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