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Aramco Oil Factory Burning Featured

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US relations with Iran have deteriorated due to the burning of one of Saudi Arabia's oil factories, ARAMCO in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia, Saturday, September 14th. Shortly after the fire, Houthi rebel groups in Yemen claimed to be the perpetrators and were responsible. They said the attack on the Aramco oil factory was carried out using Drones. But the claim of Houthi rebels was denied by the United States.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday 15 September accused Iran of setting fire to the Aramco oil plant. From Washington, Pompeo stressed there was no evidence that the attack originated in Yemen, where the Houthis are. Mike Pompeo, who is a former CIA chief, firmly accused Iran of launching attacks on the Aramco oil plant which is one of the world's suppliers of oil, including to the United States.

Iran has denied US allegations and considers it to have damaged its reputation. Iran's Foreign Minister, Abbas Mousavi said the US allegations were the maximum pressure on Iran. For that, Iran said it was ready to fight against the United States. Earlier from Washington, United States President Donald Trump via Twitter said that his country was ready to deploy its military to attack Iran. Nevertheless, Trump said he would still await the reaction of Saudi Arabia. Wahington awaits confirmation from Riyadh about who really attacked the oil factory. The United States is furious because Aramco's burning has forced it to use its oil reserves.

The increasing tension between Iran and the United States and Saudi Arabia, due to the burning of Aramco, is not certain to cause war. Parties involved in tensions and crises are certainly still counting on the worse effects, when war occurs.

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