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Kind of movie (Jenis Film)

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Voice Of Indonesia in Jakarta presents Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia, a lesson in Bahasa  Indonesia or the Indonesian language on the radio, which introduces   some  Indonesian vocabulary and  guides  you to use them in a conversation. The segment of Let's Speak Bahasa Indonesia is a cooperation of Voice of Indonesia, with the Language Development and Cultivation Agency, the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.  Today’s topic is Jenis Film or in English, ‘Kind of Movie’.  Stay tuned.

Next is a conversation about  ‘Kind of Movie’ or Jenis Film. Tony invites Endanh to watch a film. They are in a cinema to discuss about the film they want to watch.


Ayo, kita menonton film horor.


Horor? Aku tidak mau.  Takut. Kita menonton  film drama saja.


Tidak. Tidak. Aku tidak suka drama.


Jenis film apa yang kamu suka?


Horor, laga, komendi, animasi dan kolosal.


Kalau begitu kita menonton  film komedi saja.



After the conversation, now I’ll introduce some vocabularies and expressions related to the topic today.

Ayo kita menonton film.

(2X)which means

Let us watch a film!

Aku tidak mau. Takut.


No, I won’t. I am afraid

Kita menonton film drama saja.


Ok, we watch a drama film.

Aku tidak suka drama


I do not like drama film.

Jenis film apa yang kamu suka?


What kind of movie/film do you like?

Horor, laga, komedi , animasi dan kolosal


Horror, action, comedy, animation and colossal

Kalau begitu kita menonton film komedi saja


So, let’s just watch a comedy film!

To ask about kinds of film does someone/your friend like, you can say Jenis  film apa yang kamu suka? or you can also ask them Kamu suka jenis film apa? Which means ‘what kinds of movie do you like?’  If someone asks you about your favourite movie, you can mention kinds and title of your favourite movie.  Next are some kinds of film in Indonesian language such as horor, komedi, drama, drama romantis, laga and kolosal  whihc means horror, comedy, drama, romantic drama, action and collosal.

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