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Indonesian embassy in Pretoria carried out Indonesian Tourism Promotion Mission in South Africa. The event was held in Johannesburg, South Africa on October 3, 2019, according to press release from the Indonesian embassy in Pretoria which was received in Jakarta on Sunday (6/10). In the event, the Indonesian embassy in Pretoria, Tourism Ministry and Indonesian Trade Promotion Center Johannesburg cooperated with Singapore Airlines to invite 25 travel bureaus and business partners in South Africa in a bid to convey the update of Indonesian tourism.

Indonesian embassy in Beijing introduced ‘Pelangi Sepak’  sport which was competed on the commemoration of the 74th Indonesian Military Anniversary in Beijing, China on Saturday (5/10). The sport is like ‘Sepak Takraw’ or kick volleyball, but each group consists of two persons by using ball from multicolored goose feathers. So, it is called Pelangi Sepak or Sepak rainbow. Defense attaché of the Indonesian embassy in Beijing, Brigadier General Kuat Budiman said that the rainbow color on the ball reflects Indonesian students who competed in the sport in Beijing coming from various kinds of backgrounds such as tribes, races and religions in accordance with the motto of Unity in Diversity.

Chiefs of Agency of Drug and Food Control from two countries: National Agency of Drug and Food Control of Indonesia and Saudi Food and Drug Administration -SFDA of Saudi Arabia agreed to strengthen cooperation in the field of  drug and food control. Based on the press release of on Saturday (5/10), the bilateral meeting was held in Riyadh recently. In the meeting, there are five strong reasons which become background of strategic cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Indonesia in the field of drug and food regulation.  Saudi Arabia and Indonesia have majority of Islamic population  and they have strong relations. Both of them are member countries of G20. Drug and food Control in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia is conducted by one independent agency and the two agencies of drug and food control. Saudi Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) and National Agency of Drug and Food Control have their specific and excellent strengths in their field in each region.

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