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Where are you going to have vacation? (Kamu akan berlibur kemana?)

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Voice of Indonesia in Jakarta presents Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia, a lesson in Bahasa  Indonesia or the Indonesian language on the radio, which introduces   some  Indonesian vocabularies and  guides  you to use them in a conversation. The segment of Let's Speak Bahasa Indonesia is a cooperation of Voice of Indonesia, with the Language Development and Cultivation Agency, the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.  Today’s topic is Kamu akan berlibur kemana? or in English, ‘Where are you going to have vacation?’.  Stay tuned.

Next is a conversation about  ‘Where you are going to have vacation?’ or Kamu akan berlibur kemana?. Tony and Dinda are talking about the plan of vacation at Joko’s house.


Sebentar lagi libur panjang. 

Kamu mau berlibur ke mana?


Belum tahu.

Aku belum  punya rencana .

Mungkin di rumah saja.

Kamu akan berlibur ke mana?


Aku akan ke Bali.

After the conversation, now I’ll introduce some vocabularies and expressions related to the topic today.


(2X)which means





libur panjang


Long holiday



To have vacation/on vacation

sebentar lagi



kamu mau berlibur ke mana?


Where are you going to have vacation?

belum tahu


Not know

Aku belum punya rencana.


I do not have plan yet.

Mungkin di rumah saja.


Maybe staying at home.

Akan berlibur ke mana?


Where are you going to have vacation?

Aku akan ke Bali


I will go to Bali.

In the dialogue, Tony asks Dinda Kamu mau berlibur ke mana? While, Dina asks Tony Kamu akan berlibur ke mana?. The word mau has some meanings such as ingin and akan by seeing context and situation when spoken.

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