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October 8, 1912, the Balkan War I begins.

The First  Balkan War was a series of battles that took place from 8 October 1912 to 18 May 1913 between the Balkan League (Serbia, Montenegro, Greece and Bulgaria) against the Ottoman Empire of Turkey. It  was the first part of the War on the Balkan Peninsula and aimed at capturing Macedonia,  then controlled by Turkey. The war ended in victory on the Balkan League and the London Agreement was signed. After the end of the war, a dispute arose over the territorial borders between members of the league, which led to the outbreak of the Balkan War II.


October 8, 1929, Jakarta Kota Station was inaugurated.

Jakarta Kota Station, also known as Beos or Batavia Zuid, was originally built around 1887, then closed in 1926 to be renovated into a current building. Around 200 m from the closed station, the new  Jakarta Kota Station was built. Construction was completed on August 19, 1929 and officially operated on October 8, 1929. The inauguration ceremony was carried out on a large scale by planting buffalo heads by the Governor of the Netherlands East Indies from 1926 to 1931,  A.C.D. de Graeff.


October 8, 2009, a meteor crashed in Bone, South Sulawesi province.

Bone meteor explosion is a natural event that occurred on October 8, 2009 by 11:30 local time.  An asteroid fragment entered  into the Earth's atmosphere and exploded in space. This explosion caused anxiety to the surrounding residents. It killed one indirect victim due to shock and a  heart problem. On October 23, 2009 NASA issued a report stating that the explosion was detected by infrasound analysis from several illegal nuclear explosion monitoring agencies. The force of the explosion is estimated to be close to 50 kilotons of TNT, or about three times the strength of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

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