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Kashmir dispute involving India, China and Pakistan will not end

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It can be ensured that any protracted regional conflict or civil war always involves a superpower country. The civil war in Syria and the situation in Afghanistan are two significant examples. Russia, the United States of America and Iran, including Turkey, are involved in a war in Syria where the initial dispute was between the government and the opposition. In Afghanistan, the involvement of the United States and Russia has been taking place for long time. Another conflict that has lasted for more than five decades is the dispute over the Kashmir region. This conflict involves not only Pakistan and India, but also China. The three countries are disputing parts of Kashmir which are claimed as their territory.

The latest developments show China's support for Pakistan over its conflict with India. Beijing's support is interesting to observe, because it was stated precisely a few days before the meeting of Chinese President, Xi Jinping with Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The two leaders' meeting is scheduled to take place in Beijing these weekends.

Chinese support for Pakistan over the Kashmir issue was conveyed by President, Xi Jinping after meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan in Beijing on Wednesday (9/10). President Xi Jinping stated that India should not act unilaterally over Kashmir. Beijing emphasized the importance to resolve the conflict through dialogue.

For decades, the three countries: China, India and Pakistan have been in dispute because each country recognizes control of a part of Kashmir. Pakistan recognizes Azad Kashmir; India claims Jammu and Kashmir, while China claims that Aksai Chin is its territory. The three countries were not only once involved in armed clashes, even the war over Kashmir.

Therefore, even though talks have taken place several times, the Kashmir conflict is not over. The meeting between Chinese President, Xi Jinping Prime Minister Imran Khan, and Prime Minister Narendra Rodi cannot be expected to resolve the Kashmir dispute.

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