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Youths in the Technological Era 4.0

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Youths have an important role in the journey of a nation. History records that Indonesia's independence was achieved thanks to the role of the youths. Thanks to the insistence of youths who "kidnapped" Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta to Rengasdengklok, West Java, Indonesia then succeeded in proclaiming its independence in 1945.

Indeed, the role of youths in pursuing independence had existed long before 1945, starting from the establishment of the Boedi Oetomo youth organization in 1908, until the holding of the Youth Congress One and Two, which then produced a pledge known as the Youth Pledge.

The Youth Pledge initiated on 28 October 1928 became an instrument and encouragement for the Indonesian people to be independent. With the promulgation of the Youth Pledge, the struggle of the Indonesian nation which was formerly regional in nature was successfully put together to realize an independent Indonesia.

Of course, today's youths are different from the youths 91 years ago, Today's youths are living in the era of fast-paced technology 4.0. What was experienced by young people in 1928 is certainly different from today's youths when information technology is so advanced.

On one hand, the rapid development of information technology has positive and negative impacts. On the one hand, the speed of information technology enables young people to enhance their knowledge, development of resources, and competitiveness. However, the development of information technology also has a negative impact if what is received is destructive. Take for example; the information is about radicalism. Thus, Indonesian youths must now be smart to filter, sort and choose the information. They might differentiate which information is useful, less useful or dangerous.

In addition, Indonesian youths must have strong character, faith and piety, high integrity, honesty, politeness, leadership, intellectuality and responsibility. They must be disciplined and able to innovate in a bid to play an active role at the international level. Youths are the hope and future of the nation and state. Happy Youth Pledge Day!

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