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Indonesian Navy thwarts human trafficking attempt to Malaysia

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A Joint team from the Nunukan, N Kalimantan naval base (Lanal) and the Navy's special Frogmen squad (Kopaska) joint forces of Busur Ambalat 2019, foiled a human trafficking attempt to Sabah, Malaysia, on Monday.  

Some 25 undocumented workers from Indonesia were travelling from Nunukan Island and Sebatik Island waters to Sebatik Island using a speedboat.

Lanal Nunukan Commander Lt. Col. Anton Pratomo confirmed the arrest of illegal workers, in Nunukan, Wednesday.

"Lanal Nunukan will continue to increase the intensity of sea patrols to prevent the smuggling of non-procedural migrant workers looking to cross into Malaysia and prevent other illegal activities such as drug smuggling," he said.

They leave the Port of the Hj Putri Bridge, which has become a spot for illegal workers to cross from the state of Sabah by pretending to be residents of Sebatik Island.

In reality, once they arrive on Sebatik Island, which borders the land and sea directly with Tawau, Malaysia, they leave for the neighboring country using a speed boat at night.

As per the navy, that illegal workers disguise themselves as local Nunukan citizens.

After having their identities checked, most of the prospective illegal workers live outside of Nunukan District, while others do not even possess identification cards.

During their next patrol on Tuesday, October 28, the team captured Indonesian workers from Sabah state who were returning to their hometown.

Thereafter, an inspection was conducted on a suspicious speedboat and seven people were found aboard. Subsequently, an inspection was carried out in the Lanal Nunukan headquarters before they were handed over to the local Migrant Workers Placement, Protection and Monitoring Agency (BP3TKI).

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