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New Paradigm in Preventing Radicalism

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In a limited meeting with the agenda of delivering programs and activities in the field of politics, law and security at the State Palace in Jakarta on Thursday (31/10), President Joko Widodo requested his staff to prevent the radicalism movement. The president's request shows how serious the development of radicalism is in Indonesia today.

The eradication of radicalism and intolerance is one of the focuses of the second period of Joko Widodo's government. In fact, President Joko Widodo highlighted a discourse to change the term radicalism to "religious manipulator" as one solution to overcome such doctrine.

The radicalism movement continues to grow on a wider and more massive scale in line with the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. Indonesia must also be prepared to fortify itself from the effects of negative global influences, including the development of radicalism. It is appropriate that President Joko Widodo and the ranks under Coordinating Ministry of  Political, Legal and Security Affairs redefine and reevaluate the issue of radicalism. Thus, it is hoped that the government can better recognize the substance of the issue of radicalism.

A new government approach to change the paradigm that associates radical adherents from certain religious groups needs to be done. Coordinating Minister of Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD has emphasized that radicalism is not identical with Islam and certain religions or certain people and mass organizations.

In addition, the de-radicalization program must also be evaluated and revised so that it is in line with the paradigm changes chosen by the government.

New approaches and paradigms in dealing with radicalism should also be targeted at the root of the problem such as injustice in the economic,  political, legal, and social aspects.

The root of the problem is actually already well-recognized by the government. However, this problem cannot yet be dealt with  and resolved comprehensively. With a new paradigm and more substantive approach, the prevention and eradication of radicalism will be more effective.

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