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Earthquakes in Indonesia viewed from a Tourism Perspective

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More recently, earthquakes have shaken several parts of Indonesia. Last week, another earthquake occurred in the provincial capital of Maluku, Ambon, Indonesia. Around 90 houses in Ambon City were damaged by the earthquake. Parts of Bali and North Sulawesi were also hit by the earthquake which caused damage to people's homes and public facilities. Some areas hit by the earthquake are tourism spots. In addition to the earthquake, the disaster was also caused by a volcanic eruption. Mt. Merapi in Central Java often erupts. Hot clouds have caused the area around the volcano to be affected by dust. Like Bali and North Sulawesi, the area around Mt. Merapi is also a tourism destination, one of which is Borobudur Temple which is the target of foreign tourists’ visit.

Natural disasters are one of the frightening events for tourists who intend to visit Indonesia. Perhaps, information about the disaster has delayed a planned visit or canceled a scheduled trip. But for some tourists, the earthquake or eruption of Mt. Merapi is no longer a factor that can discourage to make a visit to Indonesia. Bali which is often shaken by either an earthquake or the eruption of Mt. Agung remains a favorite location for tourists.

The enthusiasm of visiting Indonesia is not reduced due to a better information system. The Indonesian government agencies responsible for disaster information have sought to improve performance and equip its institutions with good and early detection equipment. The slightest earthquake that occurs is always detected. In regard to this, preventive efforts are also carried out quickly.

Indonesia is one country that is often hit by earthquakes and mountain eruptions. Certainly, it is not as frequent as Japan for instance. However, this is certainly not the main reason to make Indonesia scary.

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