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East Java has plenty of unique tourism destinations that you can explore on your holidays. One of which is the Cemenung Hill which is located at Tenggong Village, Rejotangan Sub-district, Tulunganggung, East Java. The hill is popular with the four iconic huge towers with chimneys on the top of them. The four iconic towers were actually part of limestone mining and factory in the past. At a glance, the towers are akin to the windmills in the Netherlands.

In the past, Tulungagung used to be the location of limestone mining. Limestone must undergo calcination namely the process of burning limestone so that it can be used for industry. The towers at the Cemenung Hill were utilized to calcine limestone. The buildings were owned by Chinese businessmen. Although the buildings have not been restored and managed, visitors are fascinated by the formidable structure of the buildings. At a glance, the buildings resemble to the windmills in the Netherlands. Therefore, the buildings are often packed by visitors which are spellbound by their uniqueness. In addition to exploring the buildings which resemble to the windmills in the Netherlands, visitors are also keen on taking photos as the place provides numerous enchanting photo spots with spectacular background.

The scenery above the Cemenung Hill is dangerously wonderful. Moreover, the temperature surrounding the hill is also quite cold. The hill is an appropriate place to soothe your mind from your routines. In addition to the unique buildings at the Cemenung Hill, the hill also has a number of supporting facilities to make your visit more convenient such as parking area, prayer room, toilet, as well as restaurant. You can use either public or private transportation to get to the hill. If you take public transportation such as bus or other modes of public transportation, you can stop at a bus terminal and continue your trip by taking motorcycle taxi or ojek to reach the hill.

Before visiting the hill, make sure to bring your camera so that you can capture your unforgettable moments at the hill.

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