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Protests In Iran, Marking Worsening US-Iran Relation

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Iran has again been hit by demonstrations. People took to the streets in Tehran and other cities. The demonstration, marked by the destruction of public facilities, was triggered by the government's decision to raise fuel prices. It was reported, in the demonstration that began 3 days ago, more than 10 people were reportedly died . In addition to deploying security forces, the Iranian government has also closed national internet networks in almost all regions of the country. At least 100 demonstrators have been arrested by security forces.
Widespread demonstrations in Iran have not only happened once. The economic hardships that hit the middle and lower classes had previously led to demonstrations. In the midst of this difficult economic situation, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made the decision to raise fuel prices. The decision was actually a difficult
one. But the government was forced to do it.  The main reason was for overcoming the country's economic problems. As a result of the imposition of US sanctions, Iran can no longer export oil. While in fact  oil exports are the mainstay of the government to sustain and maintain the country's economy.

The policy of the Iranian President w
hich  was  also supported by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,  immediately ignited the demonstration as a form of rejection. Rising fuel prices by around 50 percent were indeed very unpopular. Even though President Rouhanni has stated that the proceeds from the sale of domestic oil will be used to subsidize the poor.
The latest conditions in Iran which were rocked by massive demonstrations also marked the deterioration in Tehran's relations with Washington. Tehran accuses Washington of supporting
the  rallies. The accusation is indeed reasonable. In Washington, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo even made it clear that the United States government was with the protesters. Pompeo accused the Iranian government of using violence against the protesters.
The demonstration that caused death in Tehran has led to a new dispute between Iran and the United States. This condition certainly makes it increasingly difficult to overcome or at least reduce tensions between the two countries. Previously the Tehran government
had succeeded in quelling demonstrations which had also been  triggered by the deteriorating economy due to US sanctions. How about this time? It is yet  still to be seen.

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