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Bono waves

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Bono is wave at estuary of Kampar River in Pelalawan regency, Riau province, Indonesia. Bono wave of Kampar River is a natural phenomenon due to confluence of river current to sea and sea current which enter to the river due to high tide. Usually, bono wave only happens at the edge of the beach or vast lake due to changes in water and wind flow. The wave which is quite large is usually used for surfing. Therefore, if seeing surfer who is surfing at the sea, it is something familiar, but seeing surfer who is surfing on river current is extra ordinary thing. The largest Bono usually happens when rainy season in which water discharge in  Kampar river is quite large. It is around November and December.

Scientifically, bono wave is one of natural phenomena which rarely happens. Bono wave happens due to  the collision of three currents of water which come from Melaka Strait, South China Sea and water flow of Kampar river which creates wave at estuary of Kampar river as high as 4 -5 meters. This is signed by great thunder. Bono wave usually happens every 13-18 of the middle month in Islamic calendar. The wave has white and brown colors following water of Kuala Kampar River. In addition, Bono wave also happens in the beginning and at the end of Islamic calendar.

To go to Kampar River is quite difficult because there is not a lot of public transportation to go there. So, you should rent car in Pangkalan Kerinci. To the location from Pekanbaru, it can be accessed by two ways. The first one is through  Pekanbaru - Pangkalan Kerinci  road then turn left at Bunut  junction and then enter to Jalan poros Bono to Teluk Meranti village. The second way is through water line. You should drive car from Pekanbaru to Pangkalan Kerinci. From Pangkalan Kerinci Bridge, it can be continued by speed boat to Teluk Meranti village or Pulau Muda village. So, you can choose what route you want to go.

Kampar River creates heaven not only for surfing lovers but also for lovers of photography. Here, you can take picture of Malayan typical stage house with beautiful and natural scenery as background. In addition, you can also catch fish, have a fun with local people and see fisherman’s activities in the morning. Do not forget to see art performance which is usually held at hall. Local people here are very friendly. Enjoying art and traditional instruments will become media to release your fatigue.

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