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World Anti-Corruption Day, Momentum for Corruption Eradication

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Today 9 December, the world communities commemorate anti-corruption day. Indonesia is one of the countries that has made the anti-corruption day commemoration as a momentum. The movement to eradicate corruption can certainly be stimulated through the commemoration of international corruption day.

For Indonesia, fighting corruption is a joint commitment. Through law, Indonesia has formed the Corruption Eradication Commission -KPK. This anti-corruption institution is mandated to carry out prevention and enforcement. Trials of cases pursued by the KPK are processed through the TIPIKOR court. There have been many results realized by the KPK. In the course of carrying out its duties, the KPK underwent various dynamics, or we call ‘tests and pressures’. The case of Novel Baswedan is one of the highlights of both Indonesian community and international community. The case has not been revealed until early December 2019. On Monday (9/12), President Joko Widodo called the Indonesian Police Chief, Idham Aziz to ask for an explanation of the results of the Baswedan Novel case investigation. This case is one of several issues faced by the KPK. The latest controversy is the revision of the KPK Law which triggered a huge demonstration in Jakarta and a number of other big cities in Indonesia. The rejection of the KPK Law revision that led to insist President Joko Widodo in a bid to issue a Government Law ( Perpu) until early December 2019, had not yet been completed.

Whatever happens is that the spirit to eradicate corruption must continue to be sounded. Corruption as white-collar crime is an enemy of virtue and advancement. Indonesia with bad corruption index needs to keep learning from other countries that have better index. For Indonesia, comparing itself with countries that have almost achieved zero corruption such as Norway and Sweden is certainly not balanced. What is really interesting is learning how prevention efforts are carried out. Instilling values of honesty and shame in violating the rules needs to be done continuously.

From such matters, the commemoration of World Corruption Day can be a momentum to build joint spirit to eradicate or at least reduce the number of corruption.

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